5 Heart-Healthy Foods For Your Diet

5 Heart-Healthy Foods For Your Diet

Eating heart-healthy foods is crucial to your long-term health, but what does that really mean? What foods are considered “heart-healthy?” 

Most foods you eat have some nutritional value or health benefits – carbs offer a brain boost, sodium lets your body absorb water better and sugar-packed fruits can still provide antioxidants. Foods with certain antioxidants and healthy fats are best for your heart! 

Keep reading to learn 5 great heart-healthy foods you can add to your diet that will boost your heart health and potentially reduce the risk of future heart disease. 


We’re diving right in with what may be the most controversial option on this list! While meat is a popular dining choice for many Americans, it’s not always your best option. 

According to a study performed in 2020 by the JAMA Network, consumption of “processed meats, unprocessed red meat, or poultry” showed a significant association with cardiovascular heart disease in U.S. adults. 

We’re sorry to break the news to you! The good news, however, is that soy-based meat replacements like tofu are a great substitute. In fact, tofu is linked to a decreased risk of heart disease! 


Something a little less controversial you should be adding to your diet: Garlic! 

Have you ever heard the phrase, “measure with your heart?” 

Well, we think it’s pretty on-the-nose. Garlic has been shown to not only help give your immune system a boost, but it can also help lower blood pressure and provide other heart-healthy benefits. 


Nuts are a small but mighty snack! Packed with healthy fats and proteins, nuts are surprisingly powerful sources of important nutrients and calories your body needs. 

Almonds, walnuts, pistachios and other nuts also come with an added perk: people who regularly consume them are less likely to experience heart attacks or die from heart disease! 


Legumes – more commonly known as beans, peas and lentils – are all high in protein and good fibers. Your body will appreciate adding these heart-heathy foods to your diet! 

In fact, this study shows the legumes could be associated with a reduced risk of coronary heart disease if consumed throughout the week. 

Fatty Fish

While we don’t suggest eating fried fish or foods for heart health, fish, in general, can be great for your heart! 

Fish are packed with omega-3 fatty acids that help to prevent blood clots, reduce the risk of heart disease and lessen the likelihood of heart attacks! 

If you’re not a fan of tofu as a meat substitute, fish like salmon and tuna are great replacements for red meat. 


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