Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

As of last Friday afternoon, we have tested nearly 100 patients. Twelve of those were positive. We continue to utilize 4W and ICU North as our COVID units for patients requiring hospitalization. The state of Oklahoma is rapidly expanding testing capabilities and we expect to see both the number tested and the number of positives go up in the coming weeks. Modeling does not agree on the exact time frame in which we will see our “peak”, but everything agrees this will get worse before it gets better. We are preparing in all the best ways we know how for the potential squeeze on our resources.

We have received many generous donations from our community lately, including donations of upgraded personal protective equipment for bedside staff. We are continuously refining our processes to further protect staff. We are working hard to keep you safe, and we are thankful for your selflessness and bravery in taking care of all patients who need the help only we can provide. We encourage staff to communicate with leadership if they have concerns or questions, so that issues can be addressed and processes can be revised quickly when necessary

CCMH Additional Screening Process Changes

Starting today, outpatient services will close at 4:00pm daily. CCMH has made additional screening process changes for patients coming into the Outpatient Center or Tomlinson Medical Complex entrances for scheduled appointments and services for everyone’s safety. We are asking patients to drive up to either designated entrances to meet with our initial greeters. The greeter will do a general well check on the patient who has a clinic, lab, radiology or outpatient therapy visit. Other visitors will need to stay in the vehicle once parked until the patient’s appointment is finished. Each individual will be given an entry pass, either pink or blue depending on if they’re needing assistance to come into the facility and then their temperature will be taken. The benefits of this screening process is to allow an opportunity for customer service right at the entry point and it helps to regulate unnecessary entry into the facility. We are taking these precautionary measures for the safety of our patients and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.