COVID Antibody Infusion Services at CCMH

COVID Antibody Infusion Services at CCMH

If you have tested positive for COVID-19, ask your provider about Monoclonal antibodies as a treatment option. CCMH has the capability to do these treatments under the direction of your physician. These treatments are for people who are experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of COVID-19 and are at high risk of developing severe disease and at risk of being hospitalized. Monoclonal antibodies may block the virus that causes COVID-19 from attaching to human cells thereby making it more difficult for the virus to reproduce and cause harm.

  • Mild to moderate COVID-19 disease within the first 10 days of symptoms
  • NOT hospitalized, requiring oxygen therapy due to COVID-19, or requiring an increase in baseline oxygen flow rate due to COVID-19 in those on chronic oxygen therapy due to underlying nonCOVID-19 related comorbidity
  • At high risk for progressing to severe COVID-19 and/ or hospitalization
  • Are >65 years of age
  • Are >55 years of age AND have
    • BMI >35
    • Have chronic kidney disease
    • Have diabetes
    • Have immunosuppressive disease or are receiving immunosuppressive treatment
    • Cardiovascular disease, OR • Hypertension, OR
    • COPD/other chronic respiratory disease
  • Are 12-17 years of age AND have
    • BMI >85th percentile for their age
    • Sickle Cell Disease, OR
    • Congenital or acquired heart disease, OR
    • Neurodevelopmental disorders, i.e. Cerebral Palsy, OR
    • Medical-related technological dependence, i.e. tracheostomy, gastrostomy, or positive pressure ventilation (not related to COVID-19), OR
    • Asthma, reactive airway or other chronic respiratory disease that requires daily medication for control
Details For Scheduling & Ordering
  • Physician or Advance Practice Nurse or Physician Assistant will determine if patient meets criteria and orders will be faxed to infusion at 580.585.5472.
  • Request for antibody infusion slot must be emailed to
  • Infusions will be administered Monday – Friday during regular clinic hours, scheduled in order of request.
  • Please allow three hours for appointment time.
  • These should be added on to the schedule 24 hours before the needed time if at all possible!
  • At this time, weekend scheduled infusions are not available.
Administration Window

These infusions can be given as soon as possible after a positive viral test for SARS-CoV-2 or within 10 days of symptom onset. Infuse over 60 minutes and monitor patient well being for at least 1 hour.

Antibody Therapy Options
  • Casirivimab 1200mg + Imdevimab 1200mg IV infusion over 60 minutes and FLUSH with 50ml NS post infusion OR
  • Bamlanivimab 700mg IV infusion over 60 minutes and FLUSH with 50ml NS post infusion