Embrace Pink: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Embrace Pink: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As the leaves turn a warm shade of red and gold, another color takes center stage in October – pink. This vibrant color not only represents the beauty of the fall season but also the strength, resilience, and unity of those affected by breast cancer. Comanche County Memorial Hospital proudly joins the global campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer during this important month. Prevention is power – together we can unite in the fight against breast cancer.


Understanding Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide, affecting millions of lives each year. In 2023, an estimated 297,790 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the U.S. However, understanding breast cancer goes beyond the statistics. It’s essential to grasp the basics to recognize the importance of early detection and treatment.


Risk Factors

While anyone can develop breast cancer, certain risk factors increase the likelihood. These include age, genetics, family history, hormonal factors, and lifestyle choices.


Early Detection

Early detection significantly improves survival rates. Regular self-examinations, clinical breast exams, and mammograms are crucial for catching cancer in its early, more treatable stages. The McMahon Center for Breast Health at CCMH offers digital mammograms – the best screening tool available to find, diagnose, and treat breast cancer for you or your loved one.


The Power of Pink

Breast Cancer Awareness Month, observed globally every October, serves as a beacon of hope and solidarity for individuals and families facing breast cancer. The symbol of the pink ribbon is a reminder that together, we can make a difference. Here’s how you can participate:


Educate Yourself and Others

Knowledge is power. Learn about breast cancer risk factors, signs, and symptoms. Share this information with friends and family to promote awareness.


Support Those Affected

Reach out to those battling breast cancer with empathy and compassion. Offer your help and be a source of emotional support.



Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) is the largest private funder of breast cancer research – and metastatic breast cancer research – worldwide and is the highest-rated breast cancer research organization in the country. When you give to BCRF, you’re funding critical hours in the lab. More time for research means more progress towards ending breast cancer—and longer, healthier lives for the ones we love. Your contribution can make a meaningful impact. Donate today 👉 https://shorturl.at/gBMPR


Get Screened

If you’re over the age of 40 or have risk factors, it’s important to schedule a mammogram. Mammograms are the most important tool doctors have not only to screen for breast cancer but also to diagnose and evaluate those with breast cancer. If you’d like to set up an appointment for a Mammogram or Breast Ultrasound, contact the McMahon Center for Breast Health, Imaging Services at 580.250.5846.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a reminder of the power of unity, education, and early detection. Together, we can make a significant impact in the fight against breast cancer. Comanche County Memorial Hospital encourages you to embrace the color pink this October, not just as a symbol but as a promise of hope and support for those affected by breast cancer.








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