Employee Highlights

Employee Highlights
Amanda Dearden

Amanda Dearden

In early June a routine day took an unexpected turn for Amanda Dearden, a security officer at Comanche County Memorial Hospital. She was in Sterling when she heard a call regarding an injury at the Sterling Meat Packing Plant come in, and was the closest person to be able to respond.

Ethan Good was skillfully deboning meat. Suddenly, the calm rhythm of his workday was shattered when he accidentally sliced his leg. His injury was severe and he was losing blood rapidly.

Upon her arrival to the scene Amanda’s instincts and training kicked in. She rushed to Ethan’s aid, quickly assessing the situation. With a level head and steady hands, she fashioned a tourniquet from available materials, applying it to the his leg to stem the bleeding. She maintained pressure on the wound, her calm demeanor providing a comforting presence in the midst of the crisis.

As the minutes ticked by, Amanda’s actions kept the situation from escalating. Her quick thinking bridged the gap between the accident and the arrival of emergency services. Ethan was eventually airlifted to a specialized facility, his condition stabilized thanks to Amanda’s intervention.

Today, Ethan is healthy and back to his normal life, his recovery a testament to Amanda’s quick actions that day in Sterling. Her actions are a shining example of bravery and compassion. Great work Amanda!

Ernie Clemons in a hotdog costume

Ernie Clemons

Thank you to Er’Nisha (Ernie) Clemons for bringing smiles and joy last Friday.

Ernie’s unique way of dressing up as a hot dog while serving the iconic dish highlighted the magic of creativity and joy. It’s a reminder that even in everyday activities, a touch of humor and a splash of imagination can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

So, the next time you visit Atrium Gardens and spot a hot dog that seems just a bit too lively, don’t be surprised if it’s Ernie, spreading laughter and happiness one hot dog at a time.