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Fit Fitness In

Fit Fitness In 

Physical fitness is the ability of your body’s systems to work together in tandem toward the goal of efficiency and performance. When we think about being fit, we often think of bodybuilders or people who spend hours at the gym as part of an elaborate exercise program. However, when we shift our mindset around what fitness actually looks like and fit fitness in our daily lives, we will be able to see physical fitness as an attainable goal!

Why We Put it Off

There is a myriad of reasons why we put off exercising. Especially in the past few years, we began focusing on things such as work, family, and other aspects of our health instead of actually working out or staying active. Some roadblocks we may hit include not having the time, energy, or even space to work on our bodies. With the hustle and grind of work or the exhaustion of a full schedule, it’s easy to put our physical fitness on the back burner. 

Physical Fitness and Your Goals

The goal of physical fitness isn’t just to achieve a certain body image or to be able to lift the heaviest weights at the gym. It is to have your body be able to perform to the best of its ability. There are two main parts to physical fitness: fitness skills, and health-related fitness. Fitness skills include balance, coordination, speed, and agility. The skills aspect of fitness requires practice to build and attain a skill set. On the other hand, health-related fitness includes goals such as strength, cardiorespiratory endurance, strength, and flexibility. When you’re just beginning to figure out how fitness fits in your life, it is important to establish goals. When you have a clear goal, you will be able to define the path to take to achieve it.

Where to Fit Fitness in

In today’s world, it has become the norm to move a mile a minute. We are constantly packing our schedules to the max and working overtime. How is it possible to find the time to stay active? The answer is not an entire lifestyle change. In fact, you can fit physical fitness into your life in surprising ways. 

For example, a 15-minute walk in your neighborhood to begin the day and again at the end of your day is a great start. If you work at a desk for most of your day, take 5-minute breaks periodically to squeeze in movement and stretches to increase your flexibility. 

Get Started!

There is no better time to start adding physical activity into your schedule. Just getting started can be daunting, so be sure to start slow. Talk to your doctor about how fitness can improve your overall health as well as what routine may work best for you! 



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