Healthy Kids Day

Healthy Kids Day

A special thank you to the individuals that helped this past Saturday helping our community youth at the Lawton YMCA Healthy Kids Day! There were hundreds of children and parents that turned out. LCHC Pediatrics/T-SET/CCMH Outreach did a fantastic job of handing out educational materials and fun to the community! When you see them today, thank them for giving up their time on Saturday!

LCHC Pediatrics

Kristy Matthews,
Misty Matthews,
SeTara Monroe,
Brianna Paul,
Kaitlyn Satepeahtaw,
Camitra Watson,
Andrea Williams


Melissa Choate,
Sandy Foster,
Daisy Guijarro,
Katie Pollard

CCMH Community Outreach

Lavonne Caldwell,
Julie Hatch