November is National Healthy Skin Month

November is National Healthy Skin Month

November is National Healthy Skin Month! It is important that we take good care of our skin as it is our body’s largest organ. Here  are some skincare tips that can help which are easy to add to your daily routine.

Wash your face daily.

Be sure you wash your face everyday as well as after exercising. Use lukewarm water to open and cleanse pores. Water that is too hot can cause excess drying. How many times you wash your face daily depends on your skin type since there are varying degrees of dryness or oiliness. Consult with your dermatologist.

Use an antiperspirant.

Why is an antiperspirant a better choice over deodorant? The ingredients in antiperspirants reduce the amount of sweat your sweat glands produce. Temporary gel plugs are formed in the pores. Your skin’s natural renewal process later removes them. They are also removed when you bathe.

Know your skin type.

Is your skin oily?  Dry? A combination of both?  Normal or sensitive? Are you unsure? Those with oily skin usually have problems with acne and shininess. Those with dry skin often notice itching and flaking. Combination skin traits include having cheeks that dry easily but oil in the area known as the T-zone. If you imagined drawing a large ‘T’ over your face the T-zone is identified by the forehead, nose and chin.

It is important that you know your skin type and choose skin care products that won’t harm your skin. For example, those with dry skin will benefit from gentle, creamier cleansers. Those with oily skin should choose oil-free foaming cleansers that are also non-comedogenic (does not block pores). Ingredients  such as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide are good choices to reduce acne.

Moisturize and protect.

It is important that everyone uses a moisturizer. Even if you have skin that is oily and rarely dry, your skin will be better protected and stay healthier and younger looking longer with moisturizer use. Apply moisturizer when your skin is damp from bathing to experience the full benefits. Those with dry skin should choose a heavier moisturizer than those with oily skin of course.

Petroleum jelly also works as an excellent moisturizer for dry skin and nails and treats minor injuries.

We need to protect our skin more than just in the summertime too. Make sure you are using a moisturizer that contains a broad spectrum sunscreen.  

Prevent blistering and corns.

Make sure your shoes fit correctly and you feel no rubbing. Nylon or moisture-wicking socks will protect your skin from sweat. Keep your toenails trimmed too.

Examine your skin.

Take a look regularly for signs of skin cancer. Ask a family member to help with the areas that it is difficult to see such as your back. Make note of any new or unusual spots. Consult with your dermatologist about spots that change, itch or bleed.

Do you need an appointment  with a dermatologist? Visit to find the contact information for Dr. Hensley or Dr. Roundtree.





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