Home Health & Hospice Break Records

Home Health & Hospice Break Records

2019 was a great year for home health care and hospice for Comanche County Memorial Hospital. Throughout the year, the program receives feedback from patient’s families, tracks quality ratings and analyzes volume increases. The information is positive and include the following highlights:

• Home Health will move to a 4 Star Quality rating in April 2020

• Home Health admissions have increased 33% from 2018

• Hospice admissions have increased 47% from 2018

• Hospice regularly receives cards, accolades and donations from families who are so appreciative of care provided during some of life’s most challenging times

“Under the exceptional leadership of Dr. Richard Brittingham, Teea Henry, Sondra Potts and David Elmore, these programs are meeting the unique needs of families in Southwest Oklahoma,” said Brent Smith, CEO. “We look forward to continuing to care for and assist our friends and family in the years to come.”