Impact of Heart Health on Wound Healing

Impact of Heart Health on Wound Healing

Cardiovascular disease can take many forms, including Coronary Artery Disease, Peripheral Artery Disease, Arrhythmia and Vascular Disease. People with diabetes are two to four times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease.

These diseases and other issues with the heart and vessels can cause blockages that obstruct the flow of blood, hindering the delivery of oxygen and nutrition needed for proper wound healing. This can lead to chronic wounds, an affliction which affects approximately 8 million people in the United States.

If left untreated, an unhealed wound on the foot or leg can lead to a diminished quality of life and possible amputation. As many as 82 percent of leg amputations are due to poor circulation of the affected limb.

The American Heart Association aims to reduce amputations 20% by 2030 through increased peripheral artery disease awareness, diagnosis and early intervention of cardiovascular-related wounds. It’s a mission that Healogics is proud to share. Please see the next page for helpful tips to live a heart healthy lifestyle.