National Foodservice Workers Week

National Foodservice Workers Week

Healthcare Foodservice Workers Week honors the professionals who help healthcare employees and patients stay well-nourished and healthy. Their work is an essential part of the entire healthcare system and their skills help fight illness and are an integral part of a patient’s recovery.

Our healthcare foodservice workers play a significant role in the day-to-day operation of our hospital. They cater meetings, provide take-out orders for staff and visitors, and of course, prepare healthy meals for patients of all backgrounds and health needs. Their work behind the scenes is even more amazing. They manage the extensive inventory of food for hundreds and thousands of meals and maintain the kitchens, cafeterias, and dining halls at very high standards of cleanliness.

What you might not know is the heart behind the food. They volunteer in the community to help others; they go out of their way to make sure patient’s needs are met regardless if the needs have to do with food; and they are always thinking of new ideas to please an ever changing client base.

Please stop and say thank you each day and appreciate the care they give to us all.