Occupational Vs. Physical Therapy

Occupational Vs. Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy Vs. Physical Therapy

When it comes to helping your body perform at its best ability, occupational and physical therapy are great ways to achieve goals. While they do go hand-in-hand, there are significant differences between the two. They are often mistaken for one another and used interchangeably, however they serve two different purposes. Understanding occupational vs. physical therapy and what each consists of will help you to find which therapy is best for your condition. 

The Main Difference

The most basic difference between occupational therapy and physical therapy is the goals that are set for each. When it comes to physical therapy, the goal is to improve movement for the patient’s body. Occupational therapy focuses more on achieving daily tasks for the patient.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy works to help people with physical and mental disabilities to learn how to perform everyday tasks independently. Occupational therapists usually focus on two types of goals, long-term and short-term. There is typically one long-term goal and several short-term goals.  Some occupational therapy goals could be: 

  • Taking baths or shower
  • Getting dressed independently
  • Writing name
  • Brushing hair 

When do you need Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy may be recommended if the patient consistently struggles with performing everyday tasks, independently. The struggle may be due to a developmental delay, behavioral delay, or a mental or physical disability. Additionally, you may need OT if you have undergone a change in your health condition such as an injury or major surgery. 

What is Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is recommended to improve the movement of a patient’s body in order to experience less pain, perform daily tasks, and prevent further injury. You may be referred to a physical therapist if you have sustained an injury, your health condition has changed, or if you have abnormal physical function due to a disability. PT focuses on strengthening muscles, stretches, and movement of the body. Like OT, PT also has goals that the trained therapist and patient work together to achieve. These goals include: 

  • Gaining full range of motion of a joint
  • Maintaining balance
  • Decrease pain of a certain muscle or structure

Therapies at CCMH

CCMH is proud to offer outstanding therapy services right here in Southwest Oklahoma. If you are in need of physical therapy, visit https://www.ccmhhealth.com/physical-rehabilitation-center-southwest-oklahoma/physical-therapy/

You can also learn more about our occupational services by visiting https://www.ccmhhealth.com/physical-rehabilitation-center-southwest-oklahoma/occupational-therapy/





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