Oklahoma Life Support

The Problem

Oklahoma faces a health care crisis. Rural hospitals are closing. Medicaid provider rates continue to be slashed. And the state is running out of money.

If we do nothing:​

  • Many rural hospitals will struggle, some will reduce services and others will close.

  • Shortages of doctors, nurses and critical health care workers in much of Oklahoma will persist and likely get worse.

  • Urban hospitals will lay off employees and reduce services.

Make OK better

The Solution

Increasing the cigarette tax by at least $1.50 per pack will create a continuing revenue source to fund vital health care. For every dollar the cigarette tax raises, the federal government will give Oklahoma an additional $1.50 for health care.

Raising the cigarette tax by at least $1.50 will:

  • Generate an additional $184 million annually in state revenue for health care.
    • Revive Oklahoma’s hospitals.
    • Stabilize funding for Medicaid health care agencies, including the Oklahoma Health Care Authority, Department of Mental Health and the Department of Human Services.
  • Reduce smoking.
    • Prevent 28,200 kids from becoming smokers.
    • Motivate 29,600 adults to quit smoking in the first year.
    • Reduce Oklahoma’s annual health care costs of $1.62 billion caused by smoking.
  • Free up additional dollars to fund vital state services such as teacher pay.

YOU can make a change! Take action NOW!

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News Updates

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