Our New Partnership with MDsave

Our New Partnership with MDsave

Comanche County Memorial Hospital has partnered with MDsave to increase access to care for our out-of-pocket patients using a streamlined prepayment system.

The MDsave platform allows us to engage patients with transparent, consumer-friendly “care packages.” That means we can create fully bundled episodes of care which patients can pre-purchase (similar to booking a flight online) or purchase at point-of-service with a full understanding of their financial responsibility and without fear of surprise balance bills.

Better for Us, Better for Patients

  • Using the MDsave platform to collect in full from our patients has immediate benefits:
  • Reimbursement from MDsave within 4 business days
  • Increased net collection rate & no risk of bad debt
  • No need for coding or balance billing administration
  • No risk of surprise bills for patients
  • Promotional Financing available for patients for purchases of $200 or more

We’re excited for this partnership and what it means for us and our patients. If you have any questions, reach out to Monica Sustaita (monica.sustaita@ccmhhealth.com), Manager of Patient Access OP and ER Services, at any time or learn more at ccmhhealth.com/mdsave.