Rising Star – Jennifer Walters

Jennifer is a great asset to the CCMH Cath Lab:She takes call for her X-Ray Tech position and she also helps the Cath Lab Scrub Techs with their call.  When the EP program was started, she volunteered to learn the roll of an EP Tech, going to classes and working alongside Dr. Nachimuthu during procedures. She works on billing and coding for exams. She orders our inventory to include picking up the inventory, checking it in, labeling the items with yellow stickers, and putting the products on the shelves. Jennifer is always willing to help out with any need from transporting patients to taking extra call.

Jennifer started up the RBC council for the Cath Lab and when it was joined the Radiology RBC group, she brought her knowledge and experience to that council group. Jennifer is also on the STEMI committee.

Jennifer’s enthusiasm for improvement is contagious to the staff.  She brings smiles to our work environment everyday. Congratulations to Rising Star Award Winner Jennifer Walters. Thank you for your care and dedication to patients and team members at CCMH!