How Spotify Wrapped 2021 Can Improve Your Health

How Spotify Wrapped 2021 Can Improve Your Health

If you’re an Apple Music person, we’re sorry! Your annual Apple Music Review certainly applies as well. In fact, if you hadn’t guessed, this week we’re focusing on music. In case you hadn’t heard, Spotify Wrapped has become quite the trend since it’s initial launch in 2016. This neat feature comes around every year in early December and allows music listeners to view their music stats. That is, they learn who their top artists were for the year, their most played songs and even some cool facts Spotify’s algorithms picked up. Spotify Wrapped also lets you share this information with friends and family! And Spotify Wrapped 2021 comes with a new feature showing your “music aura.”

That said, what does this have to do with your health? Let’s find out!

What Is Music Therapy?

Now, maybe calling your music playlists therapy is a little exaggerated. However, there is some merit in the power of music!

Music therapy is a growing practice used in some cases to improve your mood, communication, concentration and more! This can include just listening to music, creating music or even just dancing to music. The point is – music can boost you up when you’re feeling low!

Music Therapy & Mental Health

It’s proven that learning music can improve some important skills like your memory, coordination and math, among other things. But what can it do for anxiety, or even depression?

  • Studies show that listening to music before or during stressful events can help calm anxiety and can reduce blood pressure and stress hormones.
  • Another study shows mixed with traditional treatment methods, music therapy has been shown to decrease symptoms of depression, as well as quality of life!

Music Therapy & Physical Health

If you listen to music while you exercise or while you’re on the go, this may seem obvious! Music therapy doesn’t just deal with intangible health issues like mental state and stress. Combined with traditional physical therapy and other co-treatment sessions, music therapy can aid in physical injury rehabilitation!

According to this study, “music therapy assisted in physical recovery by easing discomfort and difficulty associated with exercise and therapeutic activities.”

Combined with traditional treatment methods, the same study also noted improvements in range of motion, strength endurance and breath support in patients!

Why Spotify Wrapped?

While listening to music casually isn’t the same as receiving practitioner-led music therapy, there are some very clear benefits to the average listener:

  • Boost in mood
  • Increased productivity
  • De-stresser
  • Perfect for getting your daily workout

While Spotify isn’t the only music streaming service out there, and streaming isn’t the only method of receiving the benefits of music, we fully encourage you to utilize the joys of your Spotify Wrapped 2021!

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