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Congratulations Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation!

Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation at Comanche County Memorial Hospital (JTR CCMH) has once again been accredited as a Provider of Comprehensive Integrated Inpatient Rehabilitation Program by the National Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facility (CARF). This award exemplifies excellence in inpatient rehabilitation program in terms of care delivery by experts, compassionate care, evidence based practice, and outstanding clinical and quality outcomes. The program exists to enhance functions necessary for individual patients to achieve their highest level of independence possible, within the confines of their disease process or injury. This is a testament of our commitment to exemplary service delivery for safe home return, and improved quality of life for the population served.

Congratulations to our organization and team of expertise who utilizes an interdisciplinary team approach to excellent care delivery. Our dedicated team include, physiatrist, physicians, therapists, nurses, dietician, social workers, and case managers to maximize physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual balance. The program is dedicated to awareness development, and desire to achieve a greater degree of general health and well being for our patients.


2018 Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Reunion

The annual Jim Thorpe Inpatient Rehabilitation Reunion at CCMH was held on October 11th to celebrate the success of former rehab patients.

Each year, a courage award is given out to a patient who has shown the most strength and perseverance. This year’s courage award went to Gloria Dille.

Gloria suffered a stroke in May. She started her rehab and was in the Jim Thorpe Inpatient Rehab for about a month working with the speech, physical, and occupational therapists.

Gloria said if it wasn’t for the rehab center, she wouldn’t be back home with her husband, which was her goal all along. “This facility sets a bar and nobody else can touch it. They really take care of their patients. They put the patients first. You develop a bond with each person you work with.” There were many nominations for this year’s award. The winner is chosen by the Leadership team from the rehab center.