The Benefits of Coconuts

The Benefits of Coconuts

The Benefits of Coconuts

September 2nd is known as World Coconut Day, but what is it about coconuts that made us dedicate a day to them? Coconuts are special in many ways, from their variety of health benefits to their household uses. Celebrate World Coconut Day by learning about the benefits of coconuts and how you can incorporate these versatile fruits into your daily routines! 

Where do Coconuts Come From?

According to the USDA, coconuts in the United States are imported mostly from Puerto Rico. We also see imports from other Central American countries as well as the Pacific Islands. Though there are no guidelines in the US for imported coconuts, Puerto Rico does have specific coconut standards they must meet before being sold. 

What is in a Coconut? 

The coconut has been referred to as the Swiss Army Knife of fruits as it has many different and valuable parts and each part of the coconut can be used in some manner. Fibers and a hard casing make up the outer shell. This layer is very sturdy and can be difficult to crack open. Inside, the coconut holds sweet water. There is also a white flesh that coats the inside of the shell. 

The Uses of Each Part 

The fibers – The husks and fibers are very durable and can be used as a scouring pad for cleaning. They can also be used for crafting and weaving ropes and other products. 

The shell – The hard outer shell can be used as bowls. In many cultures around the world, coconut shells are carved to create art and even children’s toys. 

The meat – Coconut flesh is a delicious and nutritious treat. It can be dried to make coconut flakes that garnish desserts. 

The water – Also very nutritious, coconut water is a tasty liquid inside of the coconut. We can also create coconut milk from the water. This milk is full of antioxidants and is a great dairy substitute. Many cultures also use coconut milk as an ingredient for cooking. 

The Oil – Oil from coconut is used in many cosmetic and hair products. It is also a great cooking oil alternative as it is virtually tasteless. Some people add coconut oil to their shakes or morning coffee to receive the benefits! 

Health Benefits 

Coconuts provide nutritional value to our bodies in the form of vitamins, minerals, protein, and fat. Here are some ways coconuts can benefit your health: 

  1. The nutrients provided by coconuts help your body’s function. Iron and copper help form red blood cells, manganese promotes bone health, and selenium is great for protecting your body’s cells.
  2. Coconut can show antibacterial properties. Studies show that it could reduce the number of bacteria that cause illnesses like staph infections, Strep throat, and E. coli. 
  3. They are jam-packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants protect your cells from damage or death. 

Work Coconuts into your Daily Routine

It is simple to take advantage of the benefits of coconuts. Whether you add coconut oil to your cooking or use the fibers in your cleaning routine, you can easily use these fruits for you and your family. 

Make sure to consult your doctor before adding large amounts of coconut into your diet. 



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