Billing Made Easy: MDsave

Pricing Ahead of Time
and NO pop-up costs

Comanche County Memorial Hospital is excited to be partnering with MDsave because it makes paying bills affordable, easy, and predictable.

How Does MDsave
Work for You?

MDsave lets you pay for procedures ahead of time, and after payment, you’ll receive a proof-of-purchase voucher. Because it makes billing so easy, CCMH can provide you with outstanding care without the outstanding prices.

MDsave-Making Payments Simple

How Does MDsave Work? 

MDsave makes searching for the best pricing for you possible through browsing their website, where you can look at CCMH’s procedures and prices. Purchase is also made simple through online payment, calling (844) 973-2328, or by making the payment at CCMH prior to your appointment. Your medical provider will give you scheduling instructions and information – remember to bring your voucher during your appointment!