Billing Made Easy: MDsave

What is MDsave?

Comanche County Memorial Hospital is excited to partner with MDsave to make paying bills affordable, easy, and predictable. CCMH is able to offer lower pricing on the same quality care because MDsave makes the billing process more efficient. MDsave lets you view all-inclusive, transparent pricing and pay for procedures ahead of time. The price you pay includes all fees that typically go along with your procedure, helping you avoid unexpected costs or surprise bills.

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Pricing Ahead of Time and NO Pop-Up Costs

Comanche County Memorial Hospital is excited to be partnering with MDsave because it makes paying bills affordable, easy, and predictable.

How Does MDsave Work for You?

MDsave lets you pay for procedures ahead of time, and after payment, you’ll receive a proof-of-purchase voucher. Because it makes billing so easy, CCMH can provide you with outstanding care without the outstanding prices.

MDsave-Making Payments Simple


How Does MDsave Work?

MDsave lets you view prices and buy medical procedures with the click of a button, just like buying a plane ticket. Search the CCMH page on to find your procedure and view upfront pricing. You can pay for your procedure online, by calling (844) 973-2328, or buy your procedure at the facility before your appointment is scheduled. Your medical provider will give you scheduling instructions and information on next steps. Simply bring your voucher to your appointment as proof-of-payment, and that’s it!

A Different Way To Pay For Healthcare

MDsave is a better way to buy your medical services by making your procedures affordable and instantly shoppable, allowing you to understand everything you are expected to pay, bundled into one upfront price. You save by paying ahead of time, and providers get paid efficiently so they can focus on what really matters—providing the care you need.

Whether you’re paying out of pocket or have a health insurance plan, MDsave could save you money and potentially count towards your deductible. All MDsave purchases are self-pay, which means that you pay for this yourself, in full, instead of using insurance. Anyone paying out of pocket for their procedures can use MDsave, as long as they aren’t covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare. Visit learn more about how MDsave works and find out how your purchase could count towards your deductible.