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Volunteers are a great asset to any organization and we feel ours are extra special. They have chosen to volunteer for a variety of reasons. Maybe their loved one was hospitalized here and they feel a need to give back, or they are looking for a new experience or to develop some new skills. Others want to stay active after retirement and meet new people. Above all, just about every one of them will tell you they volunteer so they can make a difference in someone’s life. Whatever the reason they choose to volunteer, they bring a wealth of knowledge, diversity and experience to our hospital along with a lot of care and concern.

Last year, the volunteer base amassed well over 25,000 hours of service to our hospital. With 283 patient beds, clinics and physician offices, there is plenty to be done and our volunteers assist in countless ways. In the different areas of this organization they perform various services. In the words of one of our volunteers, “It is never dull.”

Our volunteers receive a number of benefits:

  • Discounts in the hospital pharmacy
  • Discounts on meals in the cafeteria
  • Discounts on gift shop purchases
  • A free meal on days of four hours or more of volunteer service

If you or someone you know might enjoy giving of their time and them selves, please consider our volunteer program. Everyone is welcome; there are opportunities of every kind. To volunteer please contact Michelle Callihan (Patient, Guest and Volunteer Coordinator) at 580.585.5590.