Green Security Check-in for all visitors

We have adapted the Green Security Check-in to ensure the safety and security of all patients, visitors, and team members. This security measure has been put in place to account for everyone who is currently in the building at any given time in the event of an emergency.

Please arrive 15 minutes before appointment times to allow for the check-in process. You will be given a badge that must be worn while in the building and you must check out before you leave.

CCMH does NOT conduct a background check with the information provided. We only collect your name and basic contact information in the event of an emergency. You will not be denied care for yourself or a loved one.

Read more about CCMH’s safety protocol’s here:

Is my information secure?

Your information is safe and secure

Green Security is an internal system only

It will NOT be tracked or sold to an outside source

It is used to keep our facilities safe and secure

We will not conduct background checks