Life with a Baby

Once you get home with your new baby, questions are bound to arise from time to time.  Comanche County Memorial Hospital wants to make sure you have the answers you need to raise a healthy child.

Breastfeeding Support

Our lactation consultants are available to help you with all your breastfeeding concerns and questions.  We offer return visits after discharge to the lactation consultant for a weight check and assistance with breastfeeding including latching, pumping, and general support.  Please call for an appointment at 580.250.5253.  We can also assist you in finding a breast pump appropriate for your individual needs.

Choosing a Doctor

Within the first two weeks, your infant needs their first well-baby doctor visit.  Our physician referral directory is available to help you choose the right physician for your family.  Please see our physician directory to find your doctor!

Childbirth Education Coordinator

Our Childbirth Education Coordinator is available to answer any questions or concerns you might have.  Please call 580.250.5253

Life with a Baby