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If you are looking for infant and pediatric care you can trust, Lawton Community Health Center is the place to go.

Our pediatric providers are committed to lovingly care for your child. Whether you need a well-baby checkup, back-to-school immunizations, or care for an illness our Center provides exceptional medical services by highly trained and board-certified physicians, nurses, and support staff.

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Our services include the following:

  • Acute care
  • ADHD
  • Adolescent Health
  • Allergy
  • Asthma
  • Childhood Development
  • Childhood Obesity
  • General pediatric care
  • Hospital-based inpatient and outpatient
  • Immunizations
  • School, athletic & EPSOT physicals
  • Well child care

When should I call the doctor? What can I treat at home?

Some minor illnesses, conditions, and injuries can be treated at home. If the following symptoms are severe or if they worsen or persist, call the doctor.


  • If a child vomits once or twice without other signs of illness, it can probably be treated at home.
  • Give him clear liquids in small amounts. Slowly increase fluids as he is able to keep them down.
  • Add soft, bland foods slowly. Gradually work up to his normal diet.
  • Call if the vomiting increases or gets worse.
  • Call if the child is vomiting and also has stomach pain.
  • Call if your child is dehydrated. Look for these symptoms.
  • Call if vomit is green or if there is blood in the vomit.
  • Read about vomiting for more tips.


  • Vomiting, diarrhea, and fever can lead to dehydration, especially in infants.
  • Keep track of how much a sick child is drinking and urinating.
  • A young child or infant should urinate at least every 6 hours.
  • An older child should urinate at least 3 times every 24 hours.
  • Call your doctor immediately if your child is dehydrated. Symptoms include dry mouth, dry lips, dry skin, no tears, dark colored urine, weight loss, decreased energy, or a sunken soft spot on an infant’s head.
  • Read about vomiting and diarrhea for tips on how to prevent dehydration.
Infant and Pediatric Care


  • Minor infections might cause a few loose stools. Most cases can be treated at home.
  • Give him lots of fluids.
  • Call if your child has many loose stools.
  • Call if there is blood in the stools.
  • Call if a newborn has more than 6-8 watery stools a day.
  • Call if your child is dehydrated. Look for these symptoms.
  • Read about diarrhea for more tips.


  • Minor rashes can be treated at home if your child does not also have a fever.
  • If your child has a fever and a rash, call the doctor.
  • Smaller rashes, such as on just the diaper area, can usually be treated at home. See diaper rash.
  • If a rash covers a large area of the body, call the doctor.
  • If a rash hurts, swells, oozes fluid, or appears infected, call the doctor.
  • Call if the rash affects your child’s genitals or face.
  • Poison ivy can usually be treated at home. Ease itching with a cool, wet cloth. Severe cases should be seen by a doctor.


  • Many minor illnesses cause fevers. Most can be treated at home.
  • Read about fevers to learn how to take your child’s temperature, how to treat a fever, and when to call the doctor.
  • Call the doctor if your child has a fever and also a stiff neck or a rash.
  • Call if your child will not eat or drink or if he has other symptoms that worry you.
  • Call if an infant under 3 months old has a fever.

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