Shamika Galloway holding Rising Star Award

Shamika Galloway, Lead CNA, Receives Rising Star Award

On Wednesday, July 31, a patient on 3North was very hesitant to allow any needle sticks, whether it be from nursing or lab. When Shamika Galloway heard this, she rounded up a few nurses that were on shift from CVCU and headed into the patient’s room. She talked to the patient, held her hand, and was able to calm her and gain her trust. As a result, they were able to successfully gained IV access for pain medicine and, most importantly, her IV antibiotics.

This is just one example of how Shamika is always going above and beyond for our patients. She also has tremendous love for her fellow team members. This past winter, CVCU had a nurse who had fallen on hard times and needed to take the NCLEX. Shamika rallied right away, and in 24 hours had gathered enough funds from coworkers for this nurse to test for NCLEX and purchase a few Christmas gifts for the nurse’s children.

Shamika is always putting others first, and for this she deserves all the recognition in the world!

Above & Beyond - Labor of Love

Above & Beyond – Labor of Love

A donation of 48 sets of hand crocheted baby blankets and matching hats, and 80 crocheted baby hats were donated to the CCMH Neonatal Intensive Care Unite on Thursday, July 14 from a local group. The Book n Hookers is a group from Elgin that gets together every Saturday at the Elgin Library to crochet together and read. Their goal is to share their hobby, for the joy and benefit of others. In the past, they have donated lap quilts for cancer patients at the Cancer Centers of Southwest Oklahoma and are now working on lap blankets for residents of the Lawton Veterans Center.

Cindi Tracy, a member of the Book n Hookers brought the donation for the group, and said that she and six other ladies crocheted all of the items over the course of 5 months. “This was a labor of love for us to be able to provide a  and-crocheted item for these sick children to provide something home-made to show that someone cares”. Tracy went on to say that “This was a true community project. Most of the group members live in Elgin, but two are from Fletcher, and yarn and materials were donated by people from all over for them to use to make the baby items”.
We would like to give special thanks to the Book n Hookers members who made and donated the crocheted baby blankets and hats to donate to NICU babies:

  • Laura Barrett
  • Peggy Beigler
  • Leslie Durham
  • Michelle Duvall
  • Grant Long
  • Cindi Tracy

CCMH opened the areas first and only Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in July 2013. Over the last three years, the unit has treated about 300 premature and sick infants annually who would have otherwise been
transferred to Oklahoma City for lifesaving care.

Above and Beyond

Above & Beyond – Patient Comments

At Comanche County Memorial Hospital, our goal is to exceed expectations in everything we do. The comments from our patients say it all.



CCMH ERI made an unexpected trip to the ER this morning and was so thankful that I did. The staff were so responsive. Dr. Swaim is amazing. He explained things in a way that I totally understood what was going on. Each and every one I met was so friendly, professional and above all, caring. Thanks Rachelle, Melissa, Rick, Ali, Casey, Candace from Lab, Maribel, Michelle, Noelle and of course Lana. I appreciate your concern and am thankful to receive the care I need. Great team of workers CCMH!


I was seen in the ER on two different occasions and had the pleasure of having Dr. Hitchcock. He was wonderful. He kept me very informed and attempted to do all in his power to keep me comfortable. Keep up the good work!



I have to give a huge shout out to my Orthopedic Surgeon Clint Kirk and his amazing team for a job well done! I am about 5% away from having full extension of my knee. Brandon, part of the surgical team, did an OUTSTANDING job on stitching me back up! What we all first believed was going to be a gnarly scar is instead going to be a scar that is barely seen! Way to go Dr. Kirk and Comanche County Memorial Hospital! You ROCK!!!


One of the worst experiences of my life was watching my mother undergo such pain. Dr. Miller has taken such good care of her that my family and I couldn’t be more happy. The level of care and service at CCMH IS ABOVE AND BEYOND any other hospitals we have been to. Our RN’s Deanna & Erin (In ICU) are so awesome it amazes me. Please let these Dr.’s and nurses know they are doing a great job!!! A nightmare but much more tolerable due to these people!!!! Thank you CCMH AND STAFF!

Labor & Delivery

I was very happy with my stay at CCMH. I am glad CCMH is where I decided to have my baby. Labor and Delivery, Post Partum were both wonderful. I recieved more than excellent care from Dr. Meza! He was absolutely wonderful! I cannot say enough nice and kind things about Dr. Meza. Leisha and Karla went above and beyond to help my baby and I during my stay at CCMH. Leisha was encouraging and helpful throughout the labor process and Karla was very caring and kind to me and my baby. They both helped to keep us calm and informed. The lactation nurse Kate was excellent! She spent an hour with me teaching me how to nurse my baby. Everyone at CCMH was wonderful, and I am glad I had such a wonderful experience having my first child.