Shamika Galloway holding Rising Star Award

Shamika Galloway, Lead CNA, Receives Rising Star Award

On Wednesday, July 31, a patient on 3North was very hesitant to allow any needle sticks, whether it be from nursing or lab. When Shamika Galloway heard this, she rounded up a few nurses that were on shift from CVCU and headed into the patient’s room. She talked to the patient, held her hand, and was able to calm her and gain her trust. As a result, they were able to successfully gained IV access for pain medicine and, most importantly, her IV antibiotics.

This is just one example of how Shamika is always going above and beyond for our patients. She also has tremendous love for her fellow team members. This past winter, CVCU had a nurse who had fallen on hard times and needed to take the NCLEX. Shamika rallied right away, and in 24 hours had gathered enough funds from coworkers for this nurse to test for NCLEX and purchase a few Christmas gifts for the nurse’s children.

Shamika is always putting others first, and for this she deserves all the recognition in the world!

Elvira Webber with Rising Star Award Banner

Rising Star Elvira Webber

Elvira Webber, Business Office Supervisor, goes above and beyond every day in her duties. She shows extreme patience when dealing with patients and family members informing them of their patient liabilities and works diligently to get preauthorization and payer sources in place for them.

Elvira is detail oriented and can multi-task while keeping a positive attitude. She is always willing to help anyone do just about anything and cover for just about everyone when needed so that the residents are taken care of and our facility reputation is upheld. She is able to work under extreme pressure and is able to meet important deadlines and always does this with a kind, caring heart and she is always smiling.

Eric Britten holding Rising Star Award

Rising Star Eric Britten

Eric Britten, Desktop Analyst, is always so helpful and willing to answer questions and fix problems with a positive attitude. Even when working on other things, he takes the time to inquire if there is anything else he can do. He makes people feel like their needs are a priority to him. Eric takes the time to not only address and correct the issues that are assigned to him, but also those that aren’t, such as quietly emptying the trash out of offices he was completing a job in. His selflessness, positivity, dedication and hard work are commendable and appreciated! Thank you for all you do, Eric!

CCMH Faculty holding Rising Star Award banner with Andrew Fanning

Andrew Fanning Awarded Rising Star Award

This week the CARE team recognized Andrew Fanning from Engineering for all his hard work and dedication to our hospital, his co-workers, and to our patients. Andrew is always willing to come in, day or night, to help with any problem he is called for. He has a huge heart, his work ethic is unsurpassed and he is a valuable asset to our organization. Thank you Andrew for being a Rising Star!