High school girls in hospital gowns

Local High School Students Volunteer for HazMat Training

A total of eight local high school students from Lawton High, Lawton Christian, Elgin and Apache volunteered to go through the decontamination process. They changed into shirts and shorts and then were decontaminated as if someone was actually exposed to a dangerous chemical. This gave the team members the opportunity to practice their decon skills and to practice with their equipment.

CCMH 2019 Summer Volunteens

CCMH Welcomes 50 Volunteens to Summer Volunteen Program

This month CCMH welcomes 50 Volunteens to our summer Volunteen program. Under the supervision of Michelle Callihan, Volunteer and Gift Shop Supervisor, these teens will offer much needed summer help in many departments. This program allows the teens to gain experience and knowledge from our great CCMH staff in many medical fields. The program allows the teens to discover areas of interest for many who will go on to medical school, and many other medical professions. You can identify our Volunteens by their royal blue shirts. If you see them, take a moment to introduce yourself and welcome them to CCMH!